Using Albert to boost your productivity

5 Albert Plugins to 5 Workflow Issues

This is part two of my articles on the Albert launcher. Read the first part here This post outlines 5 common issues that I had been facing during my day-to-day development and the solutions that I came up with via 5 Albert plugins respectively. TL;DR The purpose of these plugins is a) to avoid context-switching and b) have a single tool with a single interface instead X different tools with their own corresponding interfaces....

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Scratchpad - Create multi-ISO USBs with Easy2boot

Easy2boot is a utility that allows you to flash a USB with multiple bootable images. This gives you the option of always carrying a variety of OSes / tools for all sorts of different scenarios (debugging using a Rescue image / gparted live, install Ubuntu / Windows 10 etc. images) Here are the contents of a E2B USB stick that I tend to carry with me and use on a regular basis....

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Output of the LSD tool

Scratchpad - LSD - A colorful ls alternative

Intro lsd is an alternative to the classic ls UNIX tool. It shows you a listing of files, directories, links, named pipes etc. The difference to its predecessor is that it makes use of Glyph-rich fonts such as Nerd Fonts as well as an abundance of colors preconfigured and available from start. Troubleshooting & How-to “Permission denied” when root or $LD_PRELOAD error on a gtk3-related library You’ve probably installed lsd via snap....

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Using Albert to boost your productivity

Using Albert to boost your productivity

I’ve lately been very active developing plugins for the Albert launcher for many parts of my daily routine. For those of you that don’t know it, Albert is an application launcher for Linux. It’s written in C++ and its GUI is built on top of Qt. The current post is a short summary of the plugins I’ve implemented to automate parts of my current routine and maximise my productivity along with advise and, hopefully, useful information on how to do the same for your needs via Albert....

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A view of my environment while editing this very article

My daily workflow and tools

As this is my first actual post I thought I’d write about something I’m a big fun of, tooling. More specifically I want to describe my workflow when working or in general when using my machine. My general goal is to be productive in my day-to-day routine, and automate everything that can actually be automated so that I can focus on the higher-level tasks I’m interested in. I admit that sometimes I’m overdoing it and automate a task that I don’t actually have to but all in all I think this attitude has helped me considerably so far....

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