Output of the LSD tool

Scratchpad - LSD - A colorful ls alternative

Intro lsd is an alternative to the classic ls UNIX tool. It shows you a listing of files, directories, links, named pipes etc. The difference to its predecessor is that it makes use of Glyph-rich fonts such as Nerd Fonts as well as an abundance of colors preconfigured and available from start. Troubleshooting & How-to “Permission denied” when root or $LD_PRELOAD error on a gtk3-related library You’ve probably installed lsd via snap....

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Using Albert to boost your productivity

Using Albert to boost your productivity

I’ve lately been very active developing plugins for the Albert launcher for many parts of my daily routine. For those of you that don’t know it, Albert is an application launcher for Linux. It’s written in C++ and its GUI is built on top of Qt. The current post is a short summary of the plugins I’ve implemented to automate parts of my current routine and maximise my productivity along with advise and, hopefully, useful information on how to do the same for your needs via Albert....

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🛠️ Scratchpad - CV Applications II Course by OpenCV

Computer Vision Applications using OpenCV Facial Landmark Detection Improve the speed of Facial Landmark Detection: Use face detection that comes with OS - if possible (e.g., Android, iOS) Skip frames - e.g,. run every 3 frames Downscale image, detect faces there … then propagate bboxes to original image (dividing the coordinates by the scale used for resizing the original frame.). Then just do landmark detection on original image and computed bounding box Improve landmark stabilisation Weighted Moving Average - Average the landmark point location over a small time window Kalman Filtering Optical Flow Code snippets OpenCV - Rescale an image - keep ratio import cv2 # Load image img = cv2....

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🛠️ Scratchpad - Machine Learning

Definition: The science/art of programming computers so that they can learn from data Popular ML Algorithms Linear & Polynomial Regression Logistic Regression k-nearest Neighbors Support Vector machines Decision Trees Random Forests Ensemble methods Neural Networks Architectures Feedforward Neural Nets Convolutional Nets Recurrent Nets Long short-term memory (LSTM) nets Autoencoders Multi-Layer Perceptons (MLPs) Famous Papers Machine Learning on handwritten digits - 2006 - <www.cs.toronto.edu/~hinton> The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data - 2009 Useful links - resources www....

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ROS Scratchpad

🛠️ Scratchpad - ROS1

A scratchpad for common pitfalls, commands, and shortcuts when using ROS1. Questions/Answers Set an argument based on the exclusive OR of two other arguments This is a really ugly hack, but it gets the job done. Since we don’t care much about the name, we set it so that if the user provides both of them at the same time, they get a descriptive message back. <!-- arg1 XOR arg2 --> <arg if="$(eval (arg1 !...

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