Behavioral psychology and the works of Kanheman and Tversky has been a hobby of mine for quite some time now. Same goes for podcasts like Freakonomics and Choiceology. Given that, it’s only natural to come across the Farmam Street blog by Shane Parish and more specifically, the article on Mental Models.

Mental models are heuristics that simplify reality and help you navigate the world around you. For example they may help you make better decisions, explain other people’s actions, close deals at work or study more efficiently for an exam.

The Farmam Street Post I linked above provides quite an detailed introduction to many mental models that you can use on an everyday basis. However because of that breadth (it lists over 70 different models along with a complete description for each one) it’s quite hard to read through all of them.

Instead, I created a mind map for the same content which puts all the models into groups and in a single page. Have a look below, and let me know what you think: